Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I'm free.... for a while

yep, it finally happened, I was released from the hospital two days ago! Yay!! The crappy part is I have to go back soon. They let me go home for a couple of reasons, one is because they are doing some testing that takes a couple of days to get the results back. The other is because my NeoNatologist (high-risk baby doctors) said that if I could possibly wait 2 weeks to be positive I will be in my second trimester. So there was really no use of me staying in the hospital doing nothing. So as of right now we are waiting for test results and for my surgeon and neonatologist to come to a decision as to when the best time to do the surgery will be. So hopefully Brady and I will be able to do some fun things while I'm out of the hospital. So I'm definitely going to have the surgery, but they just aren't positive when I will have it. ahhh! scary stuff... no no fun.

So to celebrate my new found freedom Brady and I went out on the town and when I say out on the town, I mean we ran some errands. It was actually nice. I hadn't been outside for like 5 days. After we ran our errands we went down to the mall to watch a movie but they didn't have any times to fit our schedule, so we just decided to go hang out with Bradys family and wait to go to a movie with the rest of his family later in the evening. We saw karate kid and it was good but I probably would have enjoyed it more if I didn't have a horrible migraine, and to make things even better we had to sit in the front row! Headache galore! I think it was probably the worse headache I have ever had. But two tylenols later I felt just fine.

anways... thats it for now, see ya!

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