Monday, October 20, 2008

Hello there!

Soo.... It has been an interesting week! Lets start off with last weekend. Brady and I had the pleasure of going up to Utah for the weekend. It was so nice :) I realized how much I really do miss my family! and I know it sounds kind of weird but I really miss my house with all the cozy chairs and fireplaces. Not to mention the yummy food! I'm realizing that I took good home cooking for granted and now I find myself missing my mothers cooking more than ever! I hope that one day I can be a good of a cook as she is! I've been practicing though, in fact I'm going to be roasting a pork tenderloin.... doesn't that sound fancy? hah maybe not but I'm excited! We got a really really nice cast-iron dutch oven for our wedding so I'm really excited to use it for the first time! Gosh, shool has been really hitting us hard. Both Brady and I had finals today and I have another one tomorrow! I cannot wait until the mid-term rush is over!!

As all of you know Halloween is coming and if any of you don't already know Brady is a HUGE fan of halloween....

Here are some past pictures of his halloween costumes...

Brady as "the sweet spot"
yes, he is actually in a chair.. (I have a creative husband :)

Brady as HeMan and me as a goddess

These were taken last halloween right when we started dating! I still can't believe it has been a year since we started dating! Weird!

Oh and an update for all those who are interested, I'm going through the temple for the first time in 15 days!! who's excited??? I am!!!

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Paola said...

HI! I'm the first one to comment on this post! YAY! Okay, just in case you don't know, I sure love you and I'm so glad you're in the family. I can't wait to see what you and Brady are going to be THIS year for halloween!
Love ya!


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