Monday, December 13, 2010


Well there hasn't been too much going on lately in the Brown household, except for Jaxton being way cuter than usual. I absolutely love watching him grow up and learn new things. He is so smart, I love being able to play games with him that he actually understands now!

We are getting pretty excited for Christmas this year! We are going to be in Arizona this holiday season because most of my family will be down there. Ironically enough, even though all Brady's family usually comes to AZ for Christmas, this year they are all going to Idaho. So after we get back from Arizona we will hopefully drive to Idaho. I say hopefully because I've heard the drive can be really bad in the winter and this year is supposed to be a really bad winter. So we will see if we can make it over there in time for new years.

Somehow we wiggled his little leg out of his seat! He was pretty excited about it though

Loved trying on daddies glasses

For some reason he really likes to play in the dogs bed. I've been trying to
sneak a picture of him actually laying in it but he moves every time I try to get the camera

Jax absolutely loves playing with daddies new Wii Fit that he got for his birthday last sunday

I just love this kid :)

He plays this new game where I say "Where is your car Jaxton?" and no matter what
room we are in he will run to his car and start playing! Such a smart baby

Another obsession of his is shoes! He just loves playing with them. Every time after Brady get home he runs into our room to start playing with them

This is what happens when mommy tries to decorate for christmas...

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Angie Milne said...

ooooh he is so cute! he is such a perfect mix of you and brady! love the long hair :)


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