Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New New New

It's been a while since I've posted so there's lots to talk about!!

About 2 weeks ago my mom decided to come into town for an impromptu visit. YAY!! I was so excited to have her come and see the new place and to just spend some time together. We did all sorts of things while she was here, went to a fun little mall right by my house and when I say little I mean huge. It's called University Village and there are so many cool shops in there that I had never noticed! There's a Juicy Couture, Williams Sonoma, this awesome scrapbooking store called Stamped, an H&M (I had never been before) and all sorts of other cool places to eat and shop. Brady and I actually were able to go on a date, our first one ever since we've moved. We don't really know anyone well enough yet to let them babysit lol. So we got all dressed up and went to the movies! I was especially excited because we went and saw the newest Harry Potter movie! Sooo good by the way, loved it! and after we came home the adults just hung out and ordered some pizza. It was quite fun! Then on one of the last days my mom was here we went downtown to a place called Pikes Place were there is this awesome fish market and they have the best flowers of all time. In the winter they mostly have bouquets of dried flowers which are still beautiful but in the summer time there are flowers everywhere you look, seriously you should google it. The best part about these huge and absolutely gorgeous bouquets are that they only cost 10 to 15 dollars! Washington has awesome flowers in general. I have been so impressed by the quality and sheer beauty of the flowers that can be found in the grocery stores here! AZ and UT have nothing on WA.

My little munchkin is obsessed with the trash if I turn around for even a second this is what I will find. The little bugger took a chicken bone out of the trash and started gnawing on it lol.
Sometimes he just hates being pushed around in his stroller and just wants to walk around. His outfit here is hilarious!
The new alpaca sweater my mom brought for Jaxton. It's going to be a while before it actually fits though!
and last but not least my sister came into town this last week for Thanksgiving and while she was here we got tickets to go to the Harry Potter Exhibition! It was awesome, we got to see so many cool props from the movies. My favorite was probably the dress Hermionie wore to the Yule Ball and getting to see everyones wands close up. They are all so different and I never really took the time to notice them as I've watched the movies. I'm not going to lie but Umbridges wand is definitely my favorite! It's so cool there is this big jewel in the middle of it, too bad she is one of my least favorite characters. It was definitly worth it though. Oh and the best part about it all was that I was able to get sorted by the sorting hat!!! So cool, I'm a gryffindor... ya I know... awesome! they only sorted 2 people so I was pretty excited that they picked me! anyways, now that I have that checked off of my bucket list, I can finally start decorating for Christmas! SO EXCITED, but then again I'm kind of worried about my little monster getting into it. He gets into everything these days that I'm just afraid it's going to be more of a hassle than an enjoyment. So maybe we will post pone our decorating.


Lexa T said...

umm. I want to live in Washington!! It sounds amazing if I could I would move tomorrow!! I miss you and i'm so happy for you and how things have turned out. Happy Holidays!!

love, Bobbi(aka Alexa Tippets)

ps Harry Potter was fantastic!!

Brady & Alexes Brown said...

Thanks Bobbi!! I still totally call you Bobbi in my head lol... How have you been? Do you have a facebook?? We should chat!


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