Wednesday, October 20, 2010

So Much To Say

There has been so much going on and I haven't blogged in so long that this might take a while!

Some of you have been wondering how my health has been and the answer is great!! I had a recent hospital trip due to some horrible abdominal pains, but I got that taken care of and it hasn't come back since so yay!! Then I got a cold and lost my voice but I'm on the recovering end of it and I'm excited to finally start feeling better!!

My dear little one has started to walk. He had been tying for the last month or so but now he is on full blast and is walking everywhere! His favorite thing to do is walk over to our piano and tap on the keys. It's quite adorable. He also has gotten into the habit of putting everything into his mouth... his favorite though is the little dust bunnies that collect in the corners... and then when I try to get them out he tries running away and then bites me as I'm looking for whatever it was that he ate... He also loves trashes.. and this little boy does not discriminate, he loves the kitchen trash, the trash in my room and especially the diaper pail... I've had to move everything up onto higher ground. When can I expect him to start learning what the word no means?? Is he too young still?? Can I put him in time out? humm still trying to figure things out.

Baby number 2 is doing well. She never stops moving though. She is a very active little girl. We still haven't decided on a name, we were originally thinking Lorileigh but.... I also really like the name Cambria or Bridgette... we still aren't sure.

My dad and his wife took our little family to the pumpkin patch last weekend. It was more like a carnival though! It was a blast. Not only was it the first pumpkin patch for the baby but it was also Brady's first time! It was really fun to spend the time together as a family :)

cutest moose you've ever seen right?

feeding the goats

Jaxer with Grandpa and the pumpkins we got

Our little family

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