Saturday, May 8, 2010

Escapades of a Garage Sale Junky

OkayOkay so I have recently become obsessed with garage sales... oh how I love the great deals and the anticipation of the treasures you might find. I mean what is more fun than getting a good deal on something?? nothing. Seriously though, think about it. There can be some pretty awesome stuff out there if you know where to look.

Here are some of the recent goodies that I have found :)

There was this lady that decided to stop scrapbooking for a while and sell all of her stuff. Well lucky for me I found her post on craigslist and decided to go and see what it was like. Thank goodness I did. She had soo much amazing stuff. I didn't really know what to do at first because there was soooooo much. It was also confusing because nothing had prices on it. When I asked the lady how much things were she told me to just make a pile of the things I wanted and she would tell me how much for the pile. Well that doesn't really tell ya much does it! So I decided to start out with the three white boxes of chipboard you see below. I also had some rubons and some of the metal accents. I was expecting it to be about 20 or so bucks because some of the items still had the original prices on them and they were like 10 bucks a pop. So when she said seven dollars for the whole thing I was soo excited!! I was so excited that I decided to add more to my pile. I ended up getting 3 boxes full of chipboard, 3 Rub on Booklets, 3 sheets of never opened thickers, 2 sheets of rubons, 25 sheets of fancy patterned paper, a biggg tray of different metal embellishments and all of this was sold to me for the modest price of twelve dollars.... I know..I know... amazing right??

That was all at the first garage sale... The second one we found had some great things too!! I got
some mod podge, a sewing machine and an authentic Juicy Couture black leather handbag!! I was so excited to see this handbag. I've been wanting a black leather Juicy bag for a long time and I was so happy so be able to get this!! We got all this and a couple of movies for a low price of forty dollars.. When she said 40 bucks was all I needed to take all this stuff home I almost fell over considering the Juicy Bag was $300 originally. What a day.... It was a blast!!!

Isn't it beautiful!! I'm in love!!

Stay tuned for more of my garage sale finds!!

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