Thursday, April 16, 2009

Something Old and Something New...

So here is something old that I totally forgot to post....

Pictures from our Honeymoon!!
So Brady and I went to Cancun for our honeymoon! It was pretty awesome because we stayed on an Island that was off of an Island that was off of the mainland.... We had to take a ferry everytime we wanted to go into mainland cancun. It was pretty awesome!

This is Isla Mujeres, The Island we stayed on... see the little island that is closest to the bottom and is kinda on the left? Well that it our little hotel Island... it was the best!!
We went to an EcoPark called Xcaret and it was the best part of our trip kinda.... but thats a whole nother story... This was the cave diving part of the Park. It was a little scary at frist but it was really fun overall!
This little dolphine wanted me to take it home...
Brady wanted to take the shark way

The complete other side of Island Mujeres

This is Chichén Itzá, it is an ancient Myan ruin and it was soooooo cool.

It was much much bigger in real life.

This is a natural fresh water swimming hole

Okay, on to something new...
A lot has been going on so this might be fairly long

First... Our trip to Utah... it was okay... there was so much going on thet Brady and I were soooo exhausted.. But we did end up going through the Timp Temple! It was AMAZING and I loved every second. The best part about it was that I got to go with one of my highschool friend Melanie Bluth and her husband. It was a blast!

We went bowling as a family and it was really fun. It has been a very long time since we have all gone and done something as a family... remember my family doesn't do family night lol

Easter!! It was great! My favorite part of it was the egg decorating... My family does this thing called Pysanky and it's basically the way people dye eggs over in the Ukraine.. It was really fun though. My good friend Jen came over and we decorated eggs all night hah
This is what pysanky eggs are supposed to look like....
Yeah, pretty cool huh... let's just say we are beginners...
Jen blowing out her egg... this was before I finally figured out that we didn't need to do this lol
Our plethera of dyes that suck becuase I forgot to order the real pysanky dyes..
Our friendship egg.. (I'm the short stick figure)
Jens Masterpiece

All the eggs when we were all done.. :)
Last but not least, the Diamondbacks game!!
Emmalee, Burton, Brady and I all got to go to the Diamondbacks game for free!! We had great seats too! We were in the 17th row.. it was so close!

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Paola said...

Ohhhhh this blog post makes me miss you all so much! I know Jason and I were always too busy to hang out, but we tried!:) I can't believe you went to Cancun! I bet that was a good get-away! I'll have to call you to get the real scoop! It's fun checking in on you! Love ya Alexes


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