Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Okay Then...

So a lot has happend since I have last written here. As you may know, Brady and I are finally married and have been for the last month or so! It has been nothing but wonderful. I never imagined how much I would enjoy married life! It is simply amazing, I love the fact that I have someone there to always keep me company. I really hate it when Brady is at work and I'm at home. I find myself missing him even though I saw him earlier this morning :(

Our wedding was simply WONDERFUL, I couldn't have asked for anything more! It was perfect, the way I imagined it my entire life. I mean I got married in a castle for goodness sakes, what more could a girl ask for? Even though the actual ceremony had a few bumps (which I had no clue about until after the wedding) everything worked out and Brady and I loved every minute of it! The only thing I regret was not getting to tast the food! I was so busy talking to everyone in the world that I barely had any time to eat, and the food looked oh so good so I was a little bummed about it :( The pictures aren't back yet, but that's okay. The photographer was under the weather so she has been taking the time she needs to rest up. They should be along soon she says so everyone get excited for that! I am so anxious to see them! yay

Our honeymoon was amazing as well if you haven't already heard. We went to Cancun, Mexico and it was beautiful! A storm had just blown through so there was a little bit of debris around but other than that it was great! We didn't actually stay on mainland Cancun, but on an island called Isla Mujeres, which means Island of Women.... hah. Our hotel was actually on another island off of Isla Mujeres so we were even more secluded. I think my favorite thing about the hotel was the all inclusive package we had... ah it was wonderful to have unlimited access to whatever type of food or drink we wanted :) Let me tell you we definitely took advantage of it... and if you know Brady you definitly know he took advantage of that! He would order room service in the middle of the night for ice cream, cheese crisps, hamburger and fries all at once! and he would it it all... hah I think we gained a good five pounds from our trip. We do have some pretty stellar pictures from that and I will post them another time because they are on Brady's computer.

One big thing that we are involved in is SCHOOL... yes it is true, the school year has finally started. It was a sad day, but we all knew it was coming. hah just joking, I like school. I really do enjoy learning about new theories and what not so going back to school hasn't been too hard on me. Brady on the other hand is a different story :) As I mentioned before Brady has a job at a physical therapy clinic so he works four days a week and is off wednesday, saturday and sunday. Which is really nice because he has the weekends off so we can do whatever we want :) But this new jobs makes doing homework a little more tricky as most of you know. So we fit it in whenever we can whether it be inbetween classes or late at night after work. I usually don't study too late because I have class at 7:30am and because we live so far away from campus we have to leave and hour before class starts. ugh.

and speaking of homework, I probably better go so I can start on some :)

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