Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Oh wow

As you can tell I haven't been in much of  a blogging mood lately since my last post was in DECEMBER hah... Since my last post, both of my munchkins have had birthdays!! Jaxton turned 2 and Brooklyn turned 1! They grow so fast. Too fast for my liking anyways. We were traveling for Jax's birthday so we didn't do anything too intense just a party with the families, we saw all side of the fam for Christmas so we had three mini parties. He had a blast eating cake and ice cream and opening presents three separate times!

I always like to throw a little bit of a bigger party for their first one, so we went all out for Brookies Bday. Even my mom came out for the party! We had such a good time with all the friends that came to help us celebrate!

These little kiddos make me so happy! I love them both so much!

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Neil and Courtney Anne said...

I don't know how I missed this post! Loved seeing pics of Jaxton's birthday, and I still love Brooklyn's party. Congrats on surviving two years with your two kids!


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