Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Berry Picking

So on our way home from Utah to Washington we decided to make a pit stop in Twin Falls Idaho to visit with Bradys sister Dawnette and her cute little family. They are the sweetest family every and we always have such an amazing time with them. So much so that we always hate leaving! Hopefully we can live nearer to them in the future because I love this family so much! We miss them already. But they always have fun things to do when we are there and this time we were all able to go to a raspberry patch and pick to our hearts content! It was such a fun time and we are thankful to have a few pounds of raspberries to last us through the winter.

So funny story, we are all picking and munching on berries (probably more munching) and all of the sudden we here our Brother-in-law Adam yell, "DAWNETTE!! I HAVE NO CLUE HOW THIS HAPPENED" we were all a little worried at first but soon it was clear that no one was hurt or in danger, but that someone had been into a little raspberry mischief.

This is what we found when we came over to the car.... a whole flat of berries riuned!! but how you ask?

This little munchkin thought it would be fun to play in a flat of raspberries...

But when life gives you squished raspberries what do you do??

Make raspberry ice cream of course!!

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