Thursday, August 25, 2011


So for the past month our entire little family have been on a "vacation" Brady has been doing a clinical here in Idaho Falls for the last month. The first two weeks the kids and I headed over to Utah to hang out with my family down in Alpine. Let me tell ya, it was sooo nice to have a little bit of a break. Just to hang out with my family who I hadn't seen in a while was so amazing. We all really missed them. Brady would make the three hour drive on the weekends to hang out with us and then we all headed back with him to Idaho to spend the remainder of his internship. So here we are with only two more days to go! Tomorrow evening after he gets off work we will be heading back to Utah to be with my family. My mom is in the middle of moving, so the trip we had planned to Disneyland has been postponed. I was extrememly bummed about this... the only great part about not going is that I have the chance to go to a clothing exchange that same weekend that I wouldn't have been able to go to otherwise. In a year from now we are actually going to move to Utah for another clinical rotation for Brady, so I'm thinking we are going to go then and by that time the kids will be older and will appreciate it more. Another good thing about not going is that we are getting to see Brady's family as well, we are going to meet up with his parents and his sister Emmalee and her husband Burton, and we are really excited about that because we haven't seen them since Christmas and Emmalee is expecting a little baby!! We couldn't be more happy for them to start their little family! So that makes three pregnant women in the Brown family. Wahoo for little babies! Too bad we don't live anywhere close to any of them. sad day. Anyways I've been having a blast taking oodles of picture of my kiddos. Here are some of my favorites!
I just love his little toes in this picture!

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