Tuesday, May 3, 2011

fun filled weekend

So this last weekend we decided to "get away" and go to my dads house for the weekend we had an awesome time together and were able to do some fun things that we normally wouldn't have been able to like go to some garage sales and actually go on a date without the kiddos..
it was heavenly I tell you, pure heaven...

on sunday the weather was gorgeous so we just had to spend it outside playing on the playset my parents have in their backyard.. it was so fun to be able to finally spend some time outside playing!
he absolutely loved the slide

soo cute

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Jen Perkins said...

Glad you guys got a nice weekend away! Your little girl is a doll. And I'm jealous of your scrapbook pages.

Meg said...

Your family is adorable! So happy to find your blog. Hope all is well with your new baby girl!


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