Saturday, March 5, 2011

Little Miss Brooklyn

yes, she has finally made her big debut! and it was only four days after she was supposed to get here!

Isn't she the cutest thing? Ah I'm totally in love! It's amazing how quickly you can fall in complete love with someone you've never met! Here's the story, I went into labor on the 22nd at 10 o'clock at night. I had been having contractions pretty consistently for the previous week but they weren't painful at all just a little uncomfortable. Every time they would start up I would get so excited thinking it was finally going into labor but alas... I didn't. Then the night of the 22nd I was feeling pretty crappy and decided to just go lay down and go to bed and that's when they started. They were every 5 min until about 2am. Then I decided to go take a shower hoping the warm water would help with the pain (which wasn't all that bad yet) but after I got out of the shower I noticed that the contractions got really close together, about a min and a half. I thought this was kinda fast so I called Labor and Delivery at the hospital to see what to do. They told me that because of my overdueness and it being my second pregnancy that I should probably come in. I'm glad we did because after that the contractions started finally getting bad. After I they monitored the baby for a little bit they did an exam and I was only 3cm! I thought noooo.... they usually don't admit until 4cm I'm going to have to go home and deal with the pain, lame! But by some miracle they decided to admit me. thank goodness! I think it might have been because of my history of all those crazy surgeries this last summer. Then they got me into an l&d room and there was this big yoga ball that I got to bounce on and who knew it would help with the pain so much?! Another thing they did that surprisingly helped with the contractions was squeezing my hips together... I swear sometimes it made the contractions go away completely! They got me my epidural right away and then I was a happy camper. Finally able to rest, even though I didn't get to sleep really but at least I wasn't in pain! Then they ended up breaking my water in the morning around 10am. Then we were just waiting for me to be fully dilated. The doctor also noticed that she was face up (Jaxton was as well and apparently those labors are measured in hours.. mine was only 50min) but the doctor was able to turn her around so she was face down like she should be. I only pushed for 20 min though it felt like forever and then the doctor let my pull my baby out kardashian style... I couldn't believe she let me do it!! After she was born there was such a feeling of peace in the room. Our precious little angel straight from heaven. The veil really is so thin it was an amazing experience. I was a so exhausted after Jaxton was born that I didn't really get to enjoy that moment. We didn't decide on a name until the next day but we finally came up with Brooklyn Marie Brown and we completely love it and it fits her perfectly!!

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Katie said...

Aww Alexes that is so so great!!! She is beautiful! Congrats :)


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