Wednesday, May 12, 2010

a miracle

yes, it's true a miracle just happened.. a small one albeit, but a miracle none the less... about a month ago my camera was full of pictures and i needed to download them in order to take new ones but because my computer was completely broken and bradys was acting up I was hesitant to put them on either computer. but Bradys has been working okayy lately so I thought it would be fine.. So I download them and spend some time editing and then shut it down. Literally the next morning his computer stopped working. like really stopped. likr wouldn't even turn on.... so I was pretty upset that when I finally decide to download the pictures they are gone in a matter of 12 hours... it was a sad day. Anyways, I have periodically tried working on Bradys computer with no success whatsoever. So today I decided to try again... I turned it on and nothing happened... this was normal so I just walked away and decided to change the babys diaper.... and then I hear it... the start-up sound... I was like... oh my gosh.... so I run and get my zip drive in hopes to transfer all the photos.. I plug it in and... viola.. I have allll the pictures that I had taken over the past month!! I was so happy and then the computer completely shut down and made this really weird screen of death... anyways, that's my little miracle sent from my loving Heavenly Father to let me know that he loves me and cares about my happiness... I love him too :)

Here are some of the pictures that would have it been lost forever if it wasn't for him..

yes, thats right

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