Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Girls Camp

So this last week I had the opportunity to go to girls camp with my little Beehives! It really was so much fun! It was a little cold but other than that everything we did really was a blast! I really enjoyed being able to spend some time and get to know my girls even better! They really are an awesome group of girls.

Jodi, Joanna and Emmarie attempting to tie knots
and apparently made Joanna into their pet

The little scripture study we had by the river. It really was amazing to be
able to sit by the river while it was sprinkling and have a scripture study

Sariah and I at scripture study

I don't really know what they do at other girls camps but we have a HUGE
water fight. It was so fun to see these girls get team up and try to
get our bishop as wet as they could. They did a really good job too because
he got soaked....srsly soaked.

But anyways on to other news. Brady and I are moving. It's been really stressful because when we found out that we had to move we only had 20 days until we needed to be moved. How stressful! So I've been packing and trying to purge of some things before we move because I know we will not have enough room for all the stuff we have. We really wanted to but a home but there is no way that will be possible with the short time limitations. We are hoping to move somewhere where we won't have to sign a hugh lease to if we do end up buying, we wont be stuck in a lease.

Anyways my life has been so stressful lately with the move and all of lifes other stressful things it really has been a difficult point in life. I'm trying not to be so stressed because I know when I'm stressed so is my baby and don't want to do that! Hopefully things start to work themselves out. : )


Katie said...

YAY for girls camp! Fun! Where are you moving?!

Paola said...

Hey! It's me doing my lame-o quarterly blog visits :). I LOVE LOVE LOVE girls camp! I think it's so great that you have a calling in YW's so that you can experience all that stuff you didn't really go through as a teenager. It's fun, huh? I loved the pictures of Emmarie too. So my baby is due any week now! So excited! So do you EVER visit my blog??? :) Hope to hear from you soon! Later!


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