Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Okay so that last post got me thinking that I am should be more grateful for the things I am blessed to have in my life. I have a wonderful loving husband who is willing to do anything for me and who is my best friend and I know he will always be there for me for the rest of eternity. I have a great family and I love them dearly. I have the best set of friends a girl could ask for. I'm talking about Jess, Ashley, Madison, Jen and lots of other great people. I love you girls so much and I love being around you and being edified through your presence. You help me to be a better person. I am thankful for my membership in the Church. It helps me in so many ways and I'm sure I'm blessed in ways that I don't even realize. It helps me to be a better person and I know without a doubt in my heart that I am better off with the Church in my life. I know this church is true and I know that it is the same church that Christ led in ancient days and that it has been restored upon the earth through the prophet Joseph Smith. I know so strongly in my heart that Christ lives and that he loves each and every one of us unconditionally. I say all of these things humbly in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

I didn't intend to write my testimony in here.... it just came out lol


Madison said...

i am very glad your testimony came out on accident lol it made me cry. i love you alexes! and YOU bring out the best in us! love you!!

Paola said...

Alexis! What a lovely post! I'm always impressed with how you overcome all those challenges! You're a great girl! :)


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